aassio Ecosystem

Real estate investment has been a preserve of the wealthy, a club for high net worth individuals who had no concerns with financial liquidity. Due to the high capital cost of acquisition, slow sales time to find the perfect buyer, and fluxing market value, property is the least liquid asset class. This problem is now a worry of the past –aassio, making the real estate investment market open to everyone!

aassioECO is an ecosystem uniting property owners, investors and crypto traders into one smooth functioning closed loop system. The technological core of aassioECO, blockchain technologies and smart-contracts, dramatically increase transaction speed, enhance security and eliminate agents, brokers and lawyers.

Current real estate investment problems

Real estate owners

  • Can’t convert the property into cash quickly.
  • Need to get bank loans to buy more real estate.


  • Must have a €100 000 or more to invest in real estate.
  • Can’t distribute their investments as they wish.

Crypto traders

  • Do not have access to an exchange specializing in real estate.

aassioECO has three elements solving these problems


Licensed crypto-exchange focusing on real estate market. You can trade tokens protected by blockchain technology and have the best possible trade conditions.


Real estate tokenization (RET) platform. Here you can kickstart a mini-ICO for your property and benefit from super liquid crypto.


The infrastructure of the Future Living society — where everyone can invest equitably and become financially successful and independent.

How it works

Cryptocurrencies are a high-profitability market however in its current form it has heavy risks. On the other hand, the real estate market is too low yield (stable and hulky?). The aassio platform combines the best traits from both sides of the equation — an ideal balance between the lowest risks and high profitability.

The world’s real estate investments grew by $1.1 trillions USD in 2017. The source: MSCI.

It’s easier to start getting benefits as a real estate owner than you think!


Berlin, Charlottenburg, Germany

700,000 €

+ 15-20% fees for notary, taxes, brokers, documents (~ 120,000 €).
This transaction costs will occur every time you buy or sell property or change it’s owner.


Buy AAS token
after Real Estate Tokenization (RET)

from 70 €

+ 0.5% fee (only 0.35 €)

aassioECO strenghts



Owners get money faster by selling crypto.



Systemwide use of blockchain and smart-contracts technology.



Investors can distribute their deposits as they wish, creating a well-balanced investment portfolio.



Investors get access to most profitable assets.



Our tech platform allows transaction and operations online in seconds.



Technical, expert or language help— our infrastructure help you to adapt quickly.

The currency

AAS token is the main currency. You can use it for inner operations on aassioX, paying fees or receiving additional services. AAS can also be converted into fiat or crypto currencies.

Blockchain system

aassio tokens are based on Etherium-blockchain technology (the ERC20 protocol) — that guarantees the full safety of transactions.