Token Details

Starting date (pre-sale)2018-11-01
End date (pre-sale)2019-02-14
Starting date (main-sale)2019-03-01
End date (main-sale)2019-04-30
Token nameaassio token
Token TickerAAS
Token TypeUtility
Token StandardERC20
Token price. Pre-sale USD$0.10
Token price. Main sale USD$0.10
ETH:USD (fix)$200.00
ETH:AAS (fix)2 000
Minimum purchase1 ETH
Total token supply1 000 000 000
Total token for sale500 000 000
Token for sale 1st round ICO10 000 000
Soft cap (ETH)30 000
Hard cap (ETH)50 000
Payment MethodETH only

Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Hard Cap Scenario

Hard Cap Scenario

Great news!

aassio helps you avoid volatility risk of bearish market of cryptocurrencies.

During the ICO pre-sale, we will fix the exchange rate between ETH and AAS at

1 : 2000

which means a fixed rate of ETH:USD at $200.

You will get more AAS if the ETH price goes higher by the End Date of the pre-sale! Luckily, you won't suffer if the ETH price goes lower, as the same amount of AAS will be secured for you! You win in either case.

Pre-sale Bonus

Pre-sale bonus